When a beloved pet dies, it can be a heartbreaking experience, one you feel like you’re never going to recover from. It does take time to heal, and by then, you feel prepared to open your heart to another pet in your life

That’s what happened to Steve Grieg after his dog had passed
Even after several months had passed by, he was still crushed and didn’t feel like he was ever going to recover from this loss
He wanted to open up his heart to another dog, but he needed the right dog to bring into his life
He went to his local shelter and sought the “most unadoptable” senior dog that they had
He wanted to find the dogs who had been overlooked and ignored who didn’t seem like they were ever going to find the forever homes of their own
The results? He now has ten shelter dogs who couldn’t be happier about him taking all of them home
He even has an Instagram filled with pictures and has tens of thousands of followers who love to see the antics that he and his dogs are up to on a daily basis
Taking care of them is a lot of work, and he has to get up at five in the morning in order to prepare a large breakfast for all of his doggy children.
They all have special diets that need to be catered to, so it’s definitely a lot of work

And then after a meal, he takes them all out on walks to the park, appointments at the vet, and filling the rest of their day with hugs and cuddles that they deserve

Having these senior dogs is easy, as they don’t have to be trained or kenneled or be taught new tricks or obedience
They like to take life slow, and that’s just fine with Steve
Once he sits down after a long hard day, there’s always a few dogs attached to his legs that just want to tell him thank you for taking care of them
Knowing that he makes them happy is all that he needs to continue doing what he loves
These dogs aren’t the only ones to benefit from his love and care
He also has a pet pig named Bikini, two ducks, some pigeons, chickens and a few cats
He has a veritable animal farm in his yard, and he wouldn’t have it any other way
Although he doesn’t have any more room to take in more senior dogs, he does intend to expand in the future so that no shelter dog will ever have to feel unloved ever again.
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